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We specialise in manufacturing high-performance adhesives and primers tailored for the commercial flat roofing industry.
Our extensive product lineup covers a wide spectrum of applications, including insulation adhesives, single-ply membrane adhesives, and primers for substrate preparation. Our primary objective is to serve as a single source solution for OEMs
and system suppliers, offering a comprehensive range of high performance products specifically developed for the commercialflat roofing sector.

Please note that the products showcased on our website represent only a portion of our offerings. We have numerous formulations beyond what is listed. If you require a solution that isn’t currently featured, please don’t hesitate to contact
a member of our team. We’re here to provide further assistance and are eager to help you find the right solution.


Single component polyurethane adhesives

Monobond is a range of VOC and solvent-free single component (1k) moisture curing polyurethane adhesives for bonding a range of materials from insulation to bituminous membranes to all commonly encountered substrates found in flat roofing applications. The range also includes bulk supplied laminating grades for in-house lamination processes of insulation materials and composites.


Two-component polyurethane & MMA adhesives

Duobond is our range of rapid curing  two component (2k) adhesives for bonding a range of flat roofing materials from insulation to bituminous & fleece-backed single ply membranes to all commonly encountered substrates found in flat roofing applications. Duobond range offers an extremely high-performance bond which cures rapidly as a result of the exothermic reaction between the two components.


Canister adhesives & primers

Spraybond® is our range of canister adhesives & primers for bonding a range of flat roofing materials from insulation, to single ply & self-adhesive membranes to all commonly encountered substrates found in flat roofing applications. Spraybond® canisters offer a cost-effective and rapid method of installation, vastly reducing the installation time of flat roofing systems.

We also offer a full range of ancillary products to accompany our range of canisters, including hoses, spray guns, cleaning adapters & solvents.


Single ply membrane adhesives

Plybond is our range of single-ply membrane adhesives for bonding fleece-backed and naked single-ply membranes to all substrates commonly encountered in flat roofing applications. The range is comprised of moisture-curing polyurethanes, SBR & nitrile contact adhesives with a further range of alternative formulations available. Plybond provides a cost-effective solution with a simple method application that doesn’t require any form of specialist installation equipment.


Substrate preparation primers

We offer a full range of substrate preparation primers for the flat roofing market, for everything from porous substrates to single ply & self-adhesive membranes. We have a full catalogue of primers not listed online, so please contact our technical department for further information if you can’t find a suitable product on our website.


Water based hazard free adhesives & primers

Aquibond  are our water based range of adhesives and primers offering a both a more health and safety and environmentally friendly option to traditional solvent based systems with the same high levels of performance. This range offers the ideal solution for sensitive application areas on projects such as schools and hospitals.


Substrate Cleaning Solutions

Our range of cleaning solutions for a variety of membranes is available in a wide range of pack sizes which includes both hazard free cleaning solutions and traditional solvent based cleaners. 

1K Cartridge Adhesive

Mastic cartridge adhesive and sealants

Our new additions to our product portfolio, multipurpose adhesive and sealants, Monobond Gel Adhesive which is a polyurethane gel adhesive and Hybridbond a MS hybrid polymer. Both grades cover a multitude of uses and offer high levels of performance in multiple areas of flat roof construction.

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